Notice of Public Hearing: LAFCO Project No. 2023-05 Fairfield Island Annexations Phase 1

Posted on July 26, 2023

LAFCO Project No. 2023-05 Fairfield Island Annexation Phase 1 – Pittman Road, Blessed Baptist Church, Sunset Apartments (APNs: 0044-080-170, 0044-080-160, 0037-160-040, 0037-160-060, 0037-060-480, 0037-060-490).

August 14, 2023

 The City of Fairfield requests to annex six (6) parcels that are three (3) existing non-contiguous islands of Solano County jurisdiction substantially surrounded by City of Fairfield jurisdiction, totaling 15.01 acres.  The request for annexation comes on behalf of three different property owners for the use and development of the sites consistent with the City of Fairfield General Plan and Pre-zoning designations.   The annexation request is also consistent with the City’s Municipal Service Review and Sphere of Influence.

Posted Notice.

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